• Certified VaihAyasa Based Master Aerial Yoga Trainer
  • Certified AFAA Personal Trainer
  • Certified NESTA Sport Yoga, Spencer Pilates, and Outdoor Fitness Instructor, Life Style and Weight Management, Outdoor Fitness Trainer
  • Certified Health Minister from Hallelujah Acres and Faith and Health Ambassador
  • Certified Weight Management Specialist
  • Certified Living Foods Chef and Instructor
  • Food Safety for Handlers Certification
  • CPR / AED
  • Author / Speaker

Zina overcame early life health challenges which helped to shape her core beliefs that encompass whole body wellness to establish a healthy lifestyle, mind, body and spirit. 

Core Beliefs

Our body is a gift from God and our response is to be thankful and a good caretaker of it.  Whole approach; all systems affect each other; heart, mind and body.  Workouts and exercise should be progressive and at your level.  Nourishing foods can prevent and even help what ails you.  You are worth it! 

Your promise

To do your best, be open and flexible for new challenges, and ask many questions.  Remember this is a process to find what works for you.  Practice what you learn and be positive. ​

My promise

To motivate and encourage you to make healthy choices, meet physical challenges at your ability level, help you overcome plateaus and to be here for however long you decide.